Inika is perfect for this time of year

Dec 27, 2014

Inika is perfect for this time of year
A phenomenal success since its inception in 2006, Inika's full natural makeup range is now available in more than 16 countries. Founded by a dynamic woman who sought to avoid endocrine disruptors when she battled ill health, the story of how they came …
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Rub Pig Lard On Your Face
For a certain set, it's difficult to resist any miracle cream derived from natural ingredients (types the writer who once purchased a three-figure anti-aging serum because it was made “from a rare Swedish apple”). And no farm-to-table devotee would …
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Seal pup was 'victim of racist bullying'
A seal sanctuary has taken in its rarest rescue of the season, an unusual jet-black pup – the subject of racist bullying. The pup was taken to the sanctuary in Gweek, Cornwall, after it was found abandoned on the Isles of Scilly. He was found with a …
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